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I always thought that a product should speak for itself,  in this case the abstract, vaqueness, quality is the curiosity factor. If this chair is speaking to you in this curious manner, then it is speaking to you in the correct language.

This chair is about discoveries. Discoveries of not just what this product is, but the discovery which you experience when using it. The name itself triggers curiosity, and when you finally fiqure out what exactly the product is, whether by someone informing you or by your experiencing its initial insertion into the sand, you experience the discovery factor behind this design.

This chair is lightweight, whimsical ( in that it has the right amount of technical suggestion, while not being too serious ), easy to carry, and most importantly it offers a comfortable back support, for your sitting pleasure. Why is there not a pivoting seat which folds down from the backrest? Because I wanted to retain the connection of our bodies with " Mother Earth ", in this case her glistening sand. The sand offers a natural cushion which conforms to each of our uniquely individual contoured behinds, our " personal seat cushions ". Of course, tuck one end of a towel under the chair if you need to.

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